Klopp admired Werner, Havertz, hinted why the goal was dropped.


Jurgen Klopp came to admire the steps of Timo Werner and Kaiha Ware, the two stars of the Bundesliga battle. Both have been rumored with Liverpool and explained the reason that the team could not seize expensive players.
Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool manager Admits that during the crisis, the corona virus that has spread around the world The club must maintain financial stability and can not grab a player for a fee of 50-60 million pounds. In addition, admiration for the pace of strikers Timo Werner from Air Leipzig and Kaiha Wearz. Star of Bayer Leverkusen
Werner has been heavily rumored with Liverpool all the time, but most recently, Chelsea have the most chance after the 'Blues' agree to pay a contract break to Leipzig. Is another person who has been rumored with the 'Reds' by Bayern Munich for attention.
Klopp came to admire both players as a quality player. And explain the uncertainty during the Covid-19 crisis, which makes signing a contract to grab someone more difficult.
"In this world there are many good players, Timo Werner and Kaiha Wertz are excellent players," Liverpool boss Sky told Germany.
"There are many rumors going on in England about who Manchester United will win or Chelsea will buy into the team."
"I think it would be safer to say for this place (Liverpool) right now, it is quite quiet. If you really want to do that and run your normal business Depends on income And if you still don't know how you will earn money Especially when we don't know when we will compete with the audience again. "
"Right now, all clubs lose money. Without people watching, we have to refund the ticket for the year and may not sell it again in the next season, at least 10-15 games in the first, and the special zone (VIP) sells. No. And many tickets will not be sold. This is the effect that will affect other partners and things will be slightly different. "
"There is also a need to talk to players about things that will follow, such as wage cuts. As well as buying a player for a fee of 50-60 million pounds. This is something we have to explain. "อ่านต่อได้ที่