Liverpool's Werner missed out on a broken world



 Liverpool Echo, a famous Liverpool media, said "Reds" have not been damaged to the frustration of Timo Werner, pointing out that Fenway Sports Group, the owner of the Liverpool team had done the matter. Displeasing football fans for many times But the team is still alive and happy to this day.
Liverpool Echo famous Liverpool media said that the top club of the English Premier League stage, Sea แ ww has been Timo Werner striker Air Belize Sigma joined the army. It's not a very bad thing at all. And does not mean that the Fenway Sports Group (FSG), the team owner of "Reds", goes wrong or is too stingy.
"Reds" were once ranked as the No. 1 candidate to get Werner to join the army after the manager of Liverpool manager Jergen Klopp liked him a lot. In addition, German football stars often talk about Liverpool and Klopp often, but most recently, whether the famous beer of the city of Beer or Sky Sports, leading British sports media have reported that Chelsea. C. reached a preliminary agreement to be signed with Werner.
As soon as this news came out, some Liverpool fans came out to express the extreme disappointment that the beloved team was about to frustration spearhead German. As well as wondering why FSG is not brave enough to throw money for the 24-year-old after his contract tear is £ 52 million (about 2,080 million), which is considered not too expensive for players to do. 92 goals from 154 appearances in all competitions for Leipzig, while the supporters of other teams came out to ironic Liverpool, who seem to miss this deal as well.
However, Liverpool Echo said that in the past, FSG has made deals that offend fans many times. But the team is still doing a great job to this day For example, not bringing Nabil Fekir to the army, although at first the pictures come out that he is preparing to make a debut with the team, pulling Sadio Mane into the team in 2016 despite At the time, there were news about the famous players like Mario Götze and Henrik Mkhtaran, as well as the summer last year, Liverpool didn't buy a large team of players at all. There was news with a player like Nikola Pepe that made FSG at that time criticized for not being determined to make the potential better. But it turns out that they are now getting their first league championship in 30 years
Liverpool Echo confirms that Liverpool have never opened a deal with Leipzig about the official purchase of Werner, although Liverpool have always been heavily involved with the German star.