Percy repeats the tuckers with many penalties.


Robin van Persie said that this season, Manchester United got a lot of penalties because they played a full attack and watched Bruno Fernand for not only shooting with the same moves. Until he made a lot of penalties
Robin van Persie, the ex-celebrity striker of Manchester United, the club's giants of the English Premier League stage, back down to people who quit "Red Devils" in the event of a lot of penalties. By saying that the reason Manchester United get penalties so often is because they play a lot of attacking games.


In total this season, Manchester United scored 21 penalties, which made them tacky because of the penalty. Whether it was third in the Premier League or coming to the semi-finals of the UEFA Europa League.
Van Persie said, "If you get as many as 21 penalties in a single season, then It also means that you play a lot of offense games. Do you understand that? Okay, 1 or 2 might not be a penalty, it might be a little tricky. But being able to get things like that happen is because you play offense. And it is a situation where the referee can give a penalty. I think it is good that they get a lot of penalties like this. " Read more;