Not really, hey! 3 players who have benefited from the Liverpool failure of Sewerner's plan.


  Liverpool's attempt to grab Air Force Leipzig's talented striker Timo Werner has come to an end. After the report that they decided to withdraw the offer to buy players. And that is good news for some players in the "Reds"
According to the report, Leipzig confirms it will not sell Werner at a price lower than the 50 million pound contract (about 1,950 million baht), while the "Reds" have given up to 30 million pounds (about 1,170 million). Baht) only because the club is having financial problems. After the crisis of the spread of the deadly virus
Of course, to withdraw from the hunt for Werner is bad news for followers of "The Kop" but it is good news for the 3 players within the team. Because they started to see the light at the end of the tunnel With the opportunity to enter the field for the agency again
Young Rian star Rovers Brewster faces a critical situation. Many of this season by Jurgen Klopp decided to let the players go on loan on Swansea after he could not integrate into the first team in the first half of the season.
British rising star Show that he is ready to accept this opportunity After moving to pl
with "White Swan" because it will gain more experience And prepare to return to Anfield This summer  อ่านต่อได้ที่    อ