Useless! Berbatov points out Manchester United has no room for Coutinho



After Philippe Coutinho has been rumored with Manchester United in the recent past, Dimitar Berbatov views that the "Red Devils" do not need to join the former Liverpool star. To the point of seeing it as a useless reinforcement Because they already have enough midfield players
Dimitar Berbatov, a former Bulgarian striker Commenting that Manchester United, one of their former affiliates in the English Premier League, does not need to grab the Philippine midfielder Philippe Coutinho to join the team in any way.
Manchester United is one of the team that has news with Coutinho throughout the past, after Bayern Munich, the team that now loaned the Brazilian star to use it. Pretending not to buy without him and even Coutinho will return to Barcelona after the end of this season. But he is less likely to turn the situation into a real one there.
Berbatov said: "There are many Premier League clubs that have news with him, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Newcastle and even Manchester United, but sometimes Choosing the most obvious is not always the correct choice. Everyone used to think that he would go well when moving to Barcelona, ​​but that was not the case. Sometimes you have to go backwards. "
"Of course he will move to play with a good team. But he needs the trust of the manager as well He needs someone who believes in himself. And the person who will make him the main force of the team So that he can play calmly And can do various things Freely "