Rodgers had been infected with Covid before healed.



Revealing another Premier League football coach stuck at Covid-19 Not long after the break But now I am gone Referred to as the most torture The body has no strength, no smell and no sense of taste.
Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers revealed that both himself and his wife were infected with Covid-19. But this time healed, acknowledging that during the illness, he was suffering from racers, like climbing Kilimanjaro
Rodgers revealed via BBC Leicester Sport on Friday 29 May, "My wife and I are infected after the season stopped. One week later I started to have symptoms. I can't smell And don't taste the flavor "
"I don't have the strength, I have to fight with it, just like my wife. My wife and I were tested before getting infected. I almost can't walk. It reminds me of the climax of Kilimanjaro. The more you climb higher You have to breath more.
Walking for just 10 yards still feels very different. I can't run I feel weak I don't want to eat food And have a strange feeling for 3 weeks without feeling any taste at all, "Rodgers said.
Rodgers is the second manager in the Premier League who admitted to sticking to Covid-19 after Miguel. Arteta manager Arsenal, who was stuck in March before the league had to be suspended until this time.