Manchester United are startled too! What value should Greenwich have?



Darren Bent stated Jack Green, Lichfield midfielder villa is a target of Manchester United should be worth about 80 million pounds to the fact that the Green Lichfield do a better job than Harry Maguire. Even
Darren Bent, former British striker Show the belief that Aston Villa, one of their former affiliates in the English Premier League, should receive 80 million pounds (about 3,200 million baht) in exchange for losing the talented midfielder Jack Greich after this season.
Although Villa has done poorly until now being the last runner in the table But Greichlich's personal form is considered impressive. To the point of making the 24-year-old a star about news of a hard move The team with the most news is Manchester United that is aiming to create a team full of young players.
Bent said: "Listen, Harry Maguire's team for a fee of 85 million pounds (about 3,400 million baht), a world record. (For a quarterback), you see, Jack Green, Lichfield, now I can tell you, Jack Green, Lichfield performance this season was better than Harry Maguire again. "
"He has done a great job. He almost carried Aston Villa with him alone. I am sure that if it wasn't for him, then Aston Villa would have been relegated a long time ago. He has always carried the team. The figure of 80 million pounds is a reasonable figure. I don't think it's too expensive. And don't think that any team will give up because of this level