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Danny Malcolm pointed out that if Liverpool got Timo Werner to join the army then The person who may have been the most out of the real is Roberto Firmino, with the "Reds" having stronger strength. In order to win the championship in every event
Danny Malcolm, former England right-back Show the belief that Roberto Firmino Keio, who has to come out of Liverpool's top English Premier League club, if the "Reds" grabbed the striker striker Timo Werner Join the army
Werner has been rumored about an ongoing team move. After having been outstanding with Leipzig all the way, such as this season, scoring 20 goals and 12 assists from 39 appearances in all competitions. The team that has the most news with him in recent times is Liverpool. The 24-year-old has often given interviews praising the team's coach Jurgen Klopp often. However, many people are wondering that If Werner comes to live with Liverpool, who will be a substitute after Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Fermino 3? The current line of Liverpool players will play. Well already
After being asked about the current 3 attacking lines of Liverpool, who might have to step aside if Werner had moved to the team, Mills responded, "Having said that, that person is Roberto. Fermino Timo Werner is a fully
"There will be competition for positions. And he is an excellent young striker Including many more things that must be learned You want to make your own team better quality. It's normal. There will be times when Liverpool may be hurt by injury. Or the footballers may be on a mission to serve the national team Which having good quality power makes the game play may continue to flow It will make them not to worry too much. Take a look at Manchester City's strength as an example of how strong it is. Liverpool also need to have that strength in order to win all three championships (Premier League, UEFA Champions League and FA Cup) "