Scholes pointed out Bruno is more like a Star Man City than himself.




What did Manchester United fans think Paul Scholes could not tell himself like Bruno Fernandes like Ole Gunnar Solcha had compared? Pointing to be closer to Star Man City
The legend of Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes disagreed with Ole Gunnar Solcha, the manager of the "Red Devils" who had watched the Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes. That there are many qualities similar to oneself Which is believed to be more like David Silva's Manchester City star
Solcha praised Bruno when he moved in, "Playing on his field Reminiscent of Scholese, he is the game controller, leader and heart like a winner like Paul. He always wants to win. And don't think playing 99 percent is good enough Which made me very impressed If you watch him play, you will see that. But you will never really experience that Yes, until you have him on your team. He is truly a great player. "
"He wants to win a lot. But he demonstrated that matter in an appropriate way And motivate those around him as well Even when he started out as a substitute in the game with Bruce, he still walked around. By talking to those players who have played as a true player as well He can help those players. He told various things. That is important to those players He impressed me a lot, "Sol Cha revealed.