Familiar "Pep"! Man City aims to set up a new assistant manager



"The Blues" Manchester City is aiming to get a new right-hand coach Pep Guardiola. This coach is the person Pepe has worked with before.
Manchester City, a billionaire club of the English Premier League stage, is preparing to appoint Juan Mailo, a highly experienced Spanish coach. Is the assistant of Pep Guardiola, a talented team manager, according to reports from Marka, the leading sports media in the country. On Friday 5 June the past
"The Blues" has always been looking for a new assistant. Since Miguel Arteta farewell to the position in December last year to rock the Arsenal team, and most recently, Marka said that Manchester City has locked the target to Yo Yo, who Used to be the boss of Guardiola during the Guardado de Sinaloa club, a football club in the Mexican league. Between 2005-2006
For 54 years, Liyo is a consultant with many experience.In addition to Spain, he has also been in the club in Colombia, such as Atletico Nacional, including Wilkie Kobe, the famous club in the J.League. Japan too
Most recently, Liyo just left the position of football coach Qingdao Huang Hai, a football club in the Chinese league recently, which is estimated that Referred to as the assistant of Guardiola