Legend suggests Liverpool werner Werner results in 3 Cha's lack of impulse


After the rumors that Chelsea are aiming to get Timo Werner to join the gang, then Steve Nicole, the former Liverpool player, came out to say that "Reds" made a terrible mistake to release. This level of footballers slip away. Because he actually thinks that Werner's arrival will encourage Liverpool to play in three good form in the future
Legendary Liverpool star Steve Nicole, the club of the English Premier League stage, shows the belief that "Reds" made the mistake that will let Timo Werner, the talented striker of Air Belize Leipzig. Chelsea
Liverpool have been rumored to be very interested in Werner over the past few months. In addition, they are regarded as the No. 1 candidate for the German star to join the army, as Werner often gives an admirable interview for both the "Reds" and manager Jurgen Klopp. Liverpool often
However, there were rumors that Liverpool decided not to pay for Werner after this season. With various financial problems And there was news immediately following that Chelsea agreed to pay Werner's contract break in the amount of 50-52 million pounds (about 2,000-2,080 million baht), making it now look like "Indigo Blue Lions" aim to get 24-year-old Shin to strengthen
Nicole said while serving as an analyst for ESPN, a global sports media, "Yes, I think it is. (Meaning Liverpool think Werner has let loose). No matter how good you are But you have to make sure that, at least, the standards won't fall. Which means that you need to have a good title. "
"There is no doubt that Werner will make Dan, the 3 frontman who was already good at, must be alert. It will make them still try to play with the best form. (In order to not lose the real position), but now it turns out that Liverpool's 3 front-line players are a little relieved. "
"I think this is the point where Liverpool made a mistake, but I wouldn't mind if Werner would make this decision (move to Chelsea), because in the end you would want to Will move with the team where you can do something normal For me, it seems as though Werner has changed his stubborn mind. "