Vencor reveals who is the best winter shopping guide in Arsenal


Arsene Wenger, the unemployed coach, said that Envanno Cano is considered to be the best reinforcements in his winter
market when he was the manager of Arsenal's top club of the stage. English Premier League
Throughout the period of reins, Arsenal Wenger has strengthened the market in the winter, such as Canoe, Emmanuel Adebayor, Theo
Walcott, Ang Drey-Achin and Pierre-Emerick Obamoye, for example. Obay Mayay is considered the last big team player he drew with "Cannon".
After being asked during the broadcast by B-Sports, the famous sports media, who added to the market in his best winter season,
Wenger responded, "It's a difficult question to answer. The year is probably Kanu. He had a great impact on the team when he just moved
with the team in the middle of the season. And is a very important player. "
Wenger added that personally do not like the shopping market during the winter. "Personally, I don't like it. Because I think it's like you
changed your running shoes after half the marathon It's not a very correct matter. When you start the
season with a group of players You should end the season with the same players. Otherwise, they should be able to reinforce the army
at all times throughout the season, like when I first got to work in England in the beginning. In the end, they chose to use rules that were not appropriate. "