The evil genius! Van Galljuak, the leading cause of unemployment with Man U


Louis van Gaal revealed that Ed Woodward, executive vice president of Manchester United, the club of the English Premier League giants, was the cause of his departure from the "Red Devils".
Van Gaal took control of Manchester United in the 2014-15 season, and he led the team to 4th place that season, resulting in the "Red Devils" returning to the UEFA Champions League. Later, he returned to the team, finishing only No. 5, and although helping the team win the FA Cup in the same season to win, but in the end, van Gaal was relieved of the position by Jose Mourinho to take over. Work from him In which, throughout the past, van Gaal often criticized Woodward frequently.
Former 68-year-old celebrity coach adds that he is now not interested in going back to work in football. Whether the position of consultant, executive or television analyst After saying goodbye to football in 2019. "I am now waiting to receive my pension. I am not ambitious to be a technical director. Or a television guru 22 years ago. My wife, Trus, gave up her job for me when I went abroad. In truth, I told her that I would stop being a coach when I was 55 years old, but it turned out that I worked until 65 years old. She was worthy to live outside of football with me. I can say that she is very happy
right now. "