Everyone accepts! Wenger points Liverpool worthy of the league championship





Legendary Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager, believes Liverpool deserve to win the English Premier League in the 2019-20 season in all respects.

This season, Liverpool have performed well in the league to the point of winning 27 games in a total of 29 matches, resulting in them dropping as much as 25 points from Manchester City and many view it as the German manager. Klopp should have won the league title. However, since March, the Premier League has been suspended from the problem of the spread of the virus. And until now I still don't know when to kick back Causing the issue that may have to cancel this season is still being talked about

"Jürgen is considered to be doing very well because the club has been waiting for the league championship for 30 years and they still leave the second team like Manchester City in terms of the highest number of scores. He's leading 25 points. It's a lot of space. No matter how the English football team decides, but I think Liverpool is the champion in everyone's heads, "Wenger said. The unemployed French coach expressed hope that Arsenal's current manager, Arsenal, will return the team to an exciting attack game again. "Today I am still very worried about the club. And watching their games every match, I believe Arsenal have a unique playing culture that I want everyone to respect and I hope that Miguel can bring it back.