It's time! Former Spurs point to Ken for sure.



Jamie O'Hara midfielder Spurs decide if the next season, the Spurs have not won a big list yet what it is Harry Caine had to say goodbye to the team he pointed to a championship Carabao Cup. It's probably not enough to hold onto Ken.
Midfielder Jamie O'Hara, former Tottenham Hot Spurs expressed the belief that the striker Harry Kane's talent. "Golden Spikes chicken" will definitely leave the team. If the team didn't win any big titles in the 2020-21 season
Ken's future has been a hot topic during the 2019-20 season, after rumors that he had the idea of ​​leaving the team to succeed with other teams. Because even though he has consistently scored many goals But still never won a single title
Ohara said when going to talk show on British sports media, Sportsman, "He is 27 years old and if he does not win the championship next season. I think he will definitely leave the team. Spurs need to win the championship next season. "
When asked if he won the Carabao Cup, it would be enough to hold onto Ken or not, Ohara, who is now the player-manager of Biliray Town, a non-league team. Then said "No, I don't think that getting just that championship is good enough I think if you win the FA Cup and be in the top four You can just hold Harry Caine took on the other hand, if you stick to the top four next season, but did not win. I think it's time for Harry Kane to move out of the team.  Can read at;