Come on? Lindard against Man U, "Sancho" playing the hit game together.


Jesse Lindard, Manchester United's Instagram star, has increased concentration on the news of Jedon Sancho's transfer after talking to Star Borussia Dortmund. In the period of playing popular online games In which there are many other "Red Devils" players joining
Jesse Lindard, English wing Manchester United, sparks the news. Zidane Sancho moved to play for the "Red Devils" army after revealing that they are often together with playing popular online games. Varity: Warzone "(Call of Duty: Warzone) with some of his affiliated friends to join in the fun too.
During the recent news about Sancho preparing to move to a new member in Old Trafford came out a wave. And everything seems to be near But this "Red Army" devotees may smile again. Because Star Borussia Dortmund and "Red Devils" players often talk through playing the popular war game.
Lindard, who plays with Sancho in the England team. Open your mind about your And teammates Often play a Call of Duty game: War Zone with Sancho. "It's not very often. There are Marcus (Rashford), Brandon (Williams), (Paul). Pogba and (Jedon) Sancho too, but I play with Dan James everyday and there are a few of us who always play together. "
However, if Sancho scored 20 goals and 20 assists from 44 games in all shows, the "Yellow Tiger" actually moved to play with Manchester United. There is a possibility that he will wear the legendary number 7 shirt of Module Because it is reported that Alexis Sanchez, the current owner of this number Are moving out of the team to play with "Python" Inter Milan.  Can read at;