Not 3 gods! Lergigan reveals who he is most afraid when rehearsing


Andy Lögangan said in Liverpool's current squad, the person he didn't want to fight with the most in training is Sir Dan Shagiri.
Former Liverpool goalkeeper Andy Lergan, the 2019-20 season Premier League goalkeeper, said Swiss-winged Sir Dan Chagiri is a formidable player that he doesn't want to duel with the most in practice.
Shagiri became the last choice Of the team perfectly in the latest season After playing only 11 matches in all competitions In part because he has problems with injuries At the same time, both Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino 3 offensive lines, the main teams of each team have shown great form.
Lannergan gave an interview to Liverpool Echo, a famous local media in the Merseyside area that "No one surprised me. Because they are all very good players, but the one I don't want to face is Shagiri when he shoots, he can shoot any form he wants with his left foot. When we have to split up 5 to 5 teams in a duel, I always think that - Ask him to be on the same team as me. - Because if he is on the opposite side of you, then He will create the danger of ending the score well as a little magician. "อ่านต่อได้ที่