The Top Four Shaking! "Rod Rogers" open mind after losing to Spurs


Brendan Rodgers, Leicester City's kind, fought the Tigers even though the agency was hit by Tottenham Hotspur after scoring a 0-3 league game on Sunday. Identify all the players fully dedicated And have to try to seize the ranking in order to play European football
Brendan Rodgers, team manager of "The Fox" Leicester City open mind after the agency went out. "Golden Spikes chicken" Tottenham Hotspur squandering 0-3 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the English Premier League game on Sunday 19 July.
Leicester needs 3 points in this game very much. In order to put pressure on Manchester United to win the top four, but this "Fox" is not able to meet the goals set when they were beaten by the home team with a score 0-3, resulting in still Ranked No. 4, with 62 points equal to Manchester United, but "Red Devils" race less
Rodgers, who will have to lead the team to handle "Red Devils" in the last game of the Premier League, said "We try to play the game back. We still do well in defensive rhythm. We had a great start. But the defensive game looks like we still lack a lot of aggressiveness And, of course, we lost goals in really bad times. "
"We have achieved success in many ways. The goal that we set in the first phase And have a hope of playing in the European Cup We still have games to play in order to take the stand to play in the Champions League, but there are some things that are disappointing. However, there are many more satisfying stories from what the players have dedicated this season, " Rodgers said. อ่านต่อได้ที