The Kop Boils! Chelsea Issues Post Legendary Slippery


Chelsea points to the point before the day that Liverpool will receive the trophy in a game that both teams have to meet. By posting a clip of Gerrard's slipper 6 years ago, causing the disciples to "red" severely reprimand
Chelsea hot spots by posting a clip that Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard slipped in the 2013-14 season before both teams met in the English Premier League game at AFC. On the field, Wednesday 22 July.
In the 2013-14 season, Liverpool almost won the league title, but on 27 April 2014 they lost Chelsea 0-2 to Karang Anfield in shock. The first goal of that day came from Gerrard slipped the wind to allow Dumba to snatch the ball into the goal. It is seen as the starting point for the "Reds" to show their league championship that season.
Now look at the teams ... Liverpool confirmed champions, Chelsea 3rd but based on points you're closer to Watford in 17th than Liverpool in 1st.
- Andy (@ AndyTheRed83) July 21, 2020
As Chelsea have queued to visit Liverpool on Wednesday, the Twitter account of the famous team in London posted the message that "Tomorrow will return to visit Anfield" along with a post clip that Gerrard slipped with, which also makes "The Kop" extremely angry. Because actually, this game is special that their beloved team will be given the official championship cup To make them type messages in many ways such as "Where do you look? Liverpool are the champions and Chelsea are 3rd but if you look at the score then you have less points from Watford who is ranked 17 "," Still talking about the goal 6 years ago, which is the season that actually Chelsea have ranked No. 3 and Liverpool at No. 2, I look forward to seeing the setting. In the honor line and seeing them watch us lift the Premier League championship cup in suspense "and" Do you have to show this clip too? No class at all ", for example
Still talking about a goal from six years ago in a season where Chelsea finished 3rd and Liverpool finished 2nd
Looking forward to a guard of honor and them watching us lift the Premier League trophy tomorrow #LFC
- Rob Hoskin (@ hoskin10) July 21, 2020
The account of Chelsea's Twitter deleted the clip at a later time. But there are still some Liverpool fans who are complaining about them, such as "Is this a stupid tweets? @ChelseaFC" อ่านต่อได้ที่