"Soul Cha" opens up the pain "Bai Yi" after a heavy battle "Maguire"


Ole Gunnar Solcha, Manchester United's manager, revealed that the Ivory Coast quarterback, Ivory Coast, was injured in a game that Chelsea knocked out in the FA playoffs. Cup last weekend
Ole Gunnar Solcha, a young and energetic young man, Manchester United is open about the injury of Erik Bayi, a good defender in the losing match. "Lions Navy Blue" Chelsea 1-3 at Wembley Stadium in the FA Cup semi-final. On Sunday 19 July the past
The event took place during the 42 minutes when Harry Maguire headed up the race with Olivier Giroud, but the Dubai Technology retreated into a full strike. At the tail of the right eyebrow, resulting in the most expensive defender in the world Injured, broken, but first aid And the footballers can continue playing
Contrary to Bai Yi, who had a broken wound in the middle of the head and appeared to be more serious, the medical team had to use a block device on his neck and Solcha decided to replace Anthony Maricill immediately to play for now. " "The Aunt Candy" revealed about the symptoms of the Ivory Coast supporters saying, "We hope that Eric will get better. His head cracked against Harry when he lay down on the floor for a long time. It was a very important time. "
"Of course, there has to be a long pause for testing. And we still keep thinking of that moment Because it distracts us And lost the door before halftime Which is very disappointing That is the most important impact on the game of Harry, then he suffered a wound above the eye which is now no problem at all. " อ่านต่อได้ที่