Scanned! How long has the media unfolded?


England's midfielder Jordan Henderson may have to rest until the beginning of next season. There is a fear that his condition is related to the tendon in the middle of the right knee.
Jordan Henderson, midfielder, captain of Liverpool, the English Premier League giants may not be eligible to enter the field until the beginning of next season, according to the Mirror's famous media.
Henderson has just played in the league game against Liverpool, defeating Brighton and Hove Albion 3-1 on Wednesday 8 July, but he was injured in the head. Knee until being substituted off the field in the 80th minute. By the end of the new game, manager Jergen Klopp said that Liverpool still do not know how serious the symptoms of the English star. But came out to admit that was worrying enough
Until recently, The Mirror said that Henderson had been scanned at the hospital. And now there is fear that he will have a tendon in the middle of his right knee Normally, this symptom will take 6-8 weeks to heal. And as the Premier League next season begins on 12 September, Henderson may have to miss. Helping some teams in the beginning of next season as well  Reference website: