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In the midst of praise in Mason Greenwood, the latest Manchester United striker, Phil Foden, Manchester City midfielder has come out to say that Greenwood finished the score as well as Sergio Aguero. And said that it was amazing that Greenwood fired well, now only 18 years old
Manchester City's top midfield star, Phil Foden, said the English Premier League club Mason Greenwood has pioneered Manchester United to finish as well as Sergio. Guero, the star striker of the team
Greenwood is being watched a lot. After this season has been given the opportunity to play with the team continuously. And impressive results to the point of having already scored 15 goals in 41 appearances in all competitions He is only 18 years old, which makes some people think Greenwood will be the main force for England in the future, like Foden, who is now 20 years old.
Fenden gave an interview to the Premier League, the cut of the Premier League program: "Mason Greenwood is the best finisher I've ever seen. He can shoot with both feet, can play both in and around the penalty area. He can always score goals. "
Afterwards, Foden was asked if compared to Aguero, how good was Greenwood, which the English midfielder replied: "In terms of finishing the score, it is considered that he is equally good for young people like him. His finish is considered excellent."
"Honestly speaking I don't understand how he fires well like that. He can always shoot in the right way. You understand what I say, right? He knows what rhythm must be fired using gimmicks. Or when the shot must be slashed He also can shoot without needing to pinch the feet for long. The goalkeeper that met him never had a chance to stand, guess the shot or prepare himself.  

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