Anonymous? Schmeichel pointed to some players not worthy of being Manchester United

Peter Schmeichel pointed out that there are currently some people who are not worthy of being with Manchester United but have not given their exact name and say that Ole Gunnar Solcha is the best at making such a player. Out of the team's overview
Peter Schmeichel, the goalkeeper legend of Manchester United, the leading club of the English Premier League, said that in the current set of "Red Devils", there are some players who are unworthy of being with the team.
In the first half of this season, Manchester United's form was not as consistent as it should be, making them seem difficult enough to be eligible to play in the UEFA Champions League next season. Of the coach Ole Gunnar Solcha has done a great job unbeatable in all 16 consecutive matches And now they are at 5th in the table Which, behind Leicester City in the 4th place, only 4 points, while Manchester United still play 


less than 1 game
Schmeichel said during the official program of Manchester United that "I have spoken a long time ago. Or, since the moment Ole took over the team, Ole's most important job was not to buy players. But eliminating some players In this team, there are some players who do not want to be with the team. They didn't come to play to honor the club's badge. They only come to give themselves a good history. "
"I have read that there is a player trying to make himself a brand like (David) Beckham. That is very shocking. But in the team there are some players who are unworthy in the dressing room of the team And I think Ole did very well in getting the players out of the team overall We can only imagine that he is still with the team due to the talk we are currently doing. Or from reading about the strength of the team only I think he's doing really well. " อ่านต่อได้ที่