Gentleman's book reveals star stars Premier Lee Corroded to accept being gay


The Sun, famous media in England Reveal the letter of the star movie Premier League, which came out as gay. But did not dare to reveal their identity at this time because they were afraid that it would affect the career of the footballer Specify only the family And only close friends recognize With confirmation when it's time to tell the team managers and fellow players to join together.
Star footballers who play with the club in the English Premier League premiere, write an open letter admitting that they are afraid of revealing themselves to be "gay" because they are afraid that it may affect the career of the footballer. Stated today that it is extremely painful to conceal the sexual orientation of men, homosexuals with teammates and everyone in the football industry
For this player, who is not yet ready to reveal the name Revealed that only members of some families And only close friends know that they are lovers "Together", also confirmed that affiliated friends And the manager still doesn't know that he's gay But still, he was hoping to tell them one day soon.
Meanwhile, Justin Fashanu Foundation, founded by Amal's niece, Justin Fashanu, the first professional footballer who revealed himself to be gay. Which has the purpose of fighting for homosexuals And racial discrimination Has fully supported this puzzle star

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