Arteta Secretingen Duzi has not changed his personality







Miguel Arteta Arsenal manager gives an interview in blame for Matteo Gainesdu, who has not changed his character, and most recently, Genduzi does not have a team name for 3 matches. already
Miguel Artea, the manager of Arsenal, seems to blame Mattei Ogen Duzi, a midfielder for the team who still refuses to change his attitude. After the latest, Guernsee is not named as a substitute in the English Premier League game, "Cannon" opened the Emirates Stadium to beat Norwich City 4-0 on Wednesday 1 July. come
Genduzi has dropped out of Arsenal's list of 3 consecutive matches in all competitions. The last time he got on the field had to go back to the league game where Arteta's team lost to Brighton and Hove Albion 1-2 in June. That day, he was rumored to be strangled by Brighton star striker Neil Moore, and also mocked the players of the other with less wages than Arsenal's footballers.
After being asked about Genduzi's lack of name on the team on Wednesday, Arteta responded, "The same reason as last week. Some things need to change. But until now, nothing has changed. " อ่านต่อได้ที่