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Bruno Fernandesplayme Game Norman Manchester United choked on happiness after performing well with Paul Pogba, the blood machine in France, despite just playing together. The game is only ready, stating I don't want to talk to myself only with Pogba because it is not fair to other teammates who play well as well.
Bruno Fernandes, the Manchester United striker, can't stand the admiration of France's midfielder Paul Pogba. After a battle-fighting power to squash Brighton and Hove Albion 3-0 to the local A-Max Stadium in the English Premier League on Tuesday.
The Portuguese and Pogba players have only 4 games to play together, but they are unbelievably coordinated. The latest game, Assass World Championship star Rhodes scored the first goal, which was the goal for the "Red Devils" to lead 2-0 before pushing the door to hammer the casket.
Fernandes is open about playing with Pogba. "Paul is an incredible player. But I don't want to say a lot about myself and Paul. It's not fair to other teammates. Of course Paul has excellent quality. And is an important player for us I think we can play together very well. "
"We have quality and we can play together. But we know that we still have other teammates That can do good work when we get on the field together I think it's unfair to those players if we only talk about Paul and me. There are many great players here. Take a look at the work of Scotty (Mottomayne), Nemanya (Matich) .... These players do a great job, you still have a juan (Mata). And Jessi (Lindard) they are really great, " said Fernandes. อ่านต่อได้ที่