Smiled face, long hair clutter! 5 things seen in Liverpool's first practice After unlocking


       It's time for the Liverpool Football Friends to come back to Melwood, the club's practice ground. In order to prepare for the return of the
Premier League season 2019/2020, the latter had to be disrupted due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Jurgen Klopp and the "Reds" stars are all happy to return to their beloved work. And preparing to continue the great work in order to
finish an important mission to win the league's first elite city in 3 decades Of course, coming back to practice at irregular intervals All
footballers must strictly abide by government measures. Especially social spacing And although many steps are taken to prevent the spread
of the deadly virus, everyone is willing to guarantee that the football game will continue to finish. For the first practice in almost 3
months of "The Red", what are some interesting things? Let's go check it out a bit.