Which team? Carlos almost revealed to play Premier League at La Real Madrid.



       Former Roberto Carlos left-back Samba stated in 2007 that he had almost played for Chelsea by that time, with all agreements being completed.
But the deal broke down in the last corner because of a lawyer problem. Roberto Carlos, Brazil's left-back legend Revealed that he almost
moved to Chelsea, the famous club of the English Premier League in 2007. At the club level, Carlos made a great name with Real Madrid,
where he moved from Inter Milan to stay there in 1996 before splitting up with "White King" in 2007 by the next team he played for
Fenerbahçe Clubs in Turkey But he only played in Turkey for about 2 years. Carlos said: "Actually, I received an offer from two teams:
Fenerbahçe and Chelsea. In the end, the conversation with Chelsea came out pretty, so I signed a contract with Fenerbahçe But I was almost
about to be with Chelsea. At that time there were various agreements. Well is smooth And I just have to travel to sign the contract. "
"It happened just 1 week before I signed with Fenerbahçe And I traveled to Paris to meet with both Roman Abramovich and Peter Kenyon
(former Chelsea chief executive), but unfortunately the final negotiations before signing were all out. Not good In football,  it happened like that. It's a matter about lawyers. But in truth, at first we were able to reach an agreement. I was 100 percent confident
that I would be able to perform well in the Premier League and that playing there would suit my style. "   อ่านต่อได้ที่