New Neymar, Liverpool striker joins young football star Liverpool


British media Daily Mail stated that Liverpool would like to have the nickname "New Neymar" by Tomas Magnano join the army by Vasco da Gama,
the agency of the footballer said he should be ready to release him from. Teams to raise money for the club as well. After this, the team has extremely so the Daily Mail, the city's leading media elite.

Makano just came up to play for the first team of Vasco last season for the first season. He has played in 15erious financial problems.
Liverpool, the Premier League giants of the English Premier League industry, are aiming to grab the star striker Tallo Magano, the young
striker of Vasco Da Gama in Brazil. Which this player has been nicknamed as "New Neymar" as according t matches in all competitions
and scored 2 goals. The work of the 17-year-old is outstanding to the point that he made it to the Brazil national team. Under 17 years of age, and the youngster showed impressive form with the young "Selesau" by scoring 5 goals in 10 matches
Despite being nicknamed "New Neymar", most often, Makino will play a role similar to that of Roberto Firmino with Liverpool at the moment,
and Vasco should be ready. Let him leave the team in order to allow the team to survive. After the team is having serious financial problems
in 2018, they have already sold Paulinho for just 17 million pounds (about 680 million) already, although many people think that he should be worth it. the more expensive it is
however, Liverpool's match with Benfica's interest in Ono is also provided by the army, "Hawks Lisbon" even had offers to buy him
a fee of 2.5 million pounds (Pr. At Baht 100 million), but was then rejected by Vasco