Gunner prepare to check the form! 5 Bundesliga matches that Arsenal have to seize


Miguel Arteta, Arsenal manager, is expected to make major changes to the team after this season. There are future players in the Emirates Stadium that
are still ambiguous, whether Pierre Emerick, Obey Mayan, Alexandra Lazette or Mesut Ozil. These kicks have the right to be sold out of the team and
bring in the new star to create a typical team of Arteta. And because the Bundesliga are ready to kick back this weekend We see that the "big guns"
should take up anyone in the German league to join the army. Leverkusen's 20-year-old midfielder has now become a favorite among many clubs, including
Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and the league's rival Bayer. Munich Hauptzest lashed 10 goals, ready to make 8 assist, including all items
With this excellent form he is compared to the legendary German midfielder Michael Ballack.
There are many questions about Mesut Ozil's future in the Emirates Stadium, and his contract is about to expire next summer.
Havertitz is a good choice to come. Continue the position of the creative midfielder. Despite having to face many competitors, Arsenal have slashed
many teams and grabbed Pepe so it depends on the "big guns" whether they really care about them or not     อ่านต่อได้ที่