Lampard, fun for sure 5 unbeatable plans to play in Chelsea if Haverz gets

"Sing the Blues" Chelsea is a team that should be watched for too much for the English Premier League next season because after having Kim Haik Ziyak and Timo Werner already added to the army It looks like they are about to get another star midfielder Kaihaverz, Bayer Leverkusen, although there is currently no confirmation. But should not miss even the "drugstore" to raise the head up to 90 million pounds (about 3,600 million baht)


Of course, the offensive line will become an immediate feature for Chelsea if the 21-year-old German national team comes to Stamford Bridge, and here are the 5 player plans that Franke and Mards can choose to hunt for success in the 2020/21 season when there are three interlocking "Haverz-Werner-Siege" leads the army (data from The Sun)
* 4-3-3 *
It is a game that Lampard already likes to use, with Haverzt standing on the right side instead of Willia, who prepares to bid farewell to the team. Will keep creating the game from the three midfield panels Which may alternate between Jorginho, Enkolo Kante, Ross Barley and Mateo Kovicic อ่านต่อได้ที่