Reply! Richard Lizon said something to van Diike.


Spearheaded by Everton in the Merseyside derby match in 2018, Richard Lizon spearheaded the Liverpool defender. But said that it was done only to delay From that time the score tied 0-0
Brazil's striker Richard Lizon of Everton, the English Premier League club, said that he spoke with Liverpool defender Gilfan Diike in an attempt to entice the other to intend to delay. When both of them faced each other in the game Merseyside derby matches in December 2018
Richard Lizon is often seen as hostile to Van Dyke. He has recently said that the Dutch star is not the best defender in the world. It is still second to Sergio Ramos, Tiago Silva and Markinho, while in the game in 2018, there was a time where Richard Lizon and Van Dyk stand to talk. Tense atmosphere It's good that it didn't escalate more than that.
Blood star Samba gave an interview to Globo Esporte, the famous sports media of his hometown that "Of course, I will never give up. During the game, there was some controversy, which in the end caused the atmosphere to be fierce. I'm still arguing in order to delay the time and Liverpool players are not happy. Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez are trying to get involved. "
"It's not something new. (Meaning trying to find a time delay is a normal matter). The conflict at that time allowed us to delay for 5 minutes, which is good for the team. I even spoke in Portuguese at him (Fanike): - Who do you think they are? - They protect their team. We protect our team. It's a normal derby match game. "
However, when Richard Lizon had an argument with Van Dyke, the score was still 0-0 before Liverpool won the goal from Dewok Origi in the 6th minute of injury time.