This child is really good! Lindard believes "Greenwood" is not spoiled.


Jesse Lindard, midfielder, Manchester United striker, Mason Greenwood is a talented young man. Without spoiling the excellence of himself for sure While watching this kid stepped up to help the team immensely
Jesse Lindard, the star midfielder of Manchester United, the giants of the English Premier League giants, has shown confidence thatthe rising star striker Mason Greenwood of the team. Will continue to work hard and continue to develop After stepping up to do outstanding work this season
Greenwood has become an important military leader in the "Red Devils" this season, despite being only 18 years old, with 17 goals in all 46 matches. Lindard praised Greenwood. As a humble child And there is no way to indulge in the magnificence of yourself
"Ever since he practiced with the team for the first time He has always done well. Although still young But he can do a lot. Both about scoring goals and assists He added to the team really well. For him Now it depends on your determination to work hard, practice and be humble. Which I think he will be like that He is always a humble child. And has high confidence, " Lindard said. อ่านต่อได้ที่