Sky Sports reveals Uman Man line but miss




The elite media missed a great deal when revealing the line up Manchester United, but pushed to switch names to two important offensive lines. Remember to make the football neck tease frantically. Still, the final conclusion "Red Devils" chase after Sheffield United's demolition in the league game on Wednesday.
Sky Sports, famous media in England Make a big mistake after opening the list of 11 in Manchester United, but the alternating name and face between Anthony Maricilla and Marcus Rashford before the game, the "Red Devils" chase after squandering the chef. Field United 3-0 Premier League Game On Wednesday 24 June the past
During the "Red Devils" line-up, the television viewers must be amazed by the unlikely mistake of Sky Sports, the media that has been in the sport for a long time. And the football fans do not let the golden opportunity slip away by managing to tease through social media frantically.
The text of the first audience stated that "I don't know whether Rashford is like Marzíyz or Marzía เหมือนกับ is like Rashford." Followed by "Marzíy And Rashford look very similar And counting the days even more !! " While the third item revealed that "How could they make a mistake with Rashford and Marseille like that?"
However, in this match, both of them worked together in a great way, with Rashford helping to make 2 assists for Marc Siyal while spearheaded French blood. Scored the first hat-trick in his career and was also the first 3 goals of Manchester United ever since Robin van Persie scored in the Sir Alex Ferguson era in 2013.