Will happen in the era of Covid! Keep an eye out for Manchester City in honor of welcoming Liverpool.



The defeat of Manchester City towards Chelsea 1-2 on Thursday night, June 25, ago. Is the submission of the English Premier League title to Liverpool officially And is the end of waiting for the top league champions in the country for 30 years.
"Reds" under the reins of the coach Jurgen Klopp almost succeeded last season. In which they missed out on Manchester City by just 1 point, and this season "Reds" have shown their fighters by chasing away victories By scoring away "Blue Sailboat" from mid-season
They have missed one Manchester United draw in 2019 and are hoping to make history without a league defeat. But unfortunately it has to be dreamed of Watford before the Premier League game. Faced a crisis when being exposed to the Covid-19 virus Outbreaks resulting in suspension of competition
After the league game restart The first game was a Merseyside derby match against Everton, with the result ending without a score. Before they exploded in a 4-0 victory at Crystal Palace, the team kept 86 points, 23 points away from Manchester City and only wanted 2 points or hoping Pep Guardi's team would be out. Ola's victory was enough to celebrate the long-awaited champion.
This event is thanks to Frank Lampard and Khun Palan Chelsea. That managed to break the sail masts for Liverpool to crown the Championship
For the interesting thing, in the next match Liverpool have to queue to visit Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium on July 2 as the league champion. There was no obstacle when the Manchester City Sports Council Approved this game to be held at home stadium "Blue Sailboat" as it was
Therefore, there is a question that, before the match opened, the old Manchester City players on the 2018/2019 season will stand in line of honor to applaud the new champions. " Liverpool "Liverpool, who is second-season champion last season or not.