Man Utd 6th, supercom predicts Premier League ranking


Save it to be true or not! The supercomputers decide to rank in the Premier League, where the champions are Liverpool without problems, but Manchester United will fall to 6th.
Sporting Index, the UK based legal betting company The supercomputers analyzed data for the Premier League season 2019/20 before kicking back again on Wednesday 17 June after a 3-month break due to the outbreak of the virus.
The results of the analysis revealed that Liverpool will win the championship with 99 points, followed by Manchester City 80 points and Leicester City ranked 3rd with 70 points and Chelsea with 4th with 63 points.
While Manchester United can only drop to 6th place by being beaten by Chef United over just one point. The 3 teams are relegated, Aston Villa, Norwich City and Watford.
Ranking of the Premier League season 2019/20 from analysis of supercomputers,
team scores 1. Liverpool 99
2. Manchester City 80
3. Leicester 70
4. Chelsea 63
5. Chef United 61