Look at the 3 Manchester United systems in the 2020/2021 season







For now, "Red Devils" Manchester United have reportedly tried to reinforce the army by signing new players with many players to join the army during the first round of players trading. Which they expect to return to hope for success in the 2020/2021 season
Ole Gunnar Solcha's team building philosophy The team manager emphasizes giving young people the opportunity from the youth training center of the club. Combined with the leading football in the team at this time. Complete with the necessary parts by finding new players to fill the necessary parts to keep the team strong in every position.
Of course, Manchester United has news with many players. But the most visible are the watery bodies, including Kalidou Kulibaly, Jedon Sancho, Jack Grishlich, Donny van der Beck and Jude Bellingham, as well as Kaihert. Hero, Rote, aromatic meat from Bayer Club Leverkusen But the latter may be difficult because there are many big teams ready to buy money to join the army
However, if Solcha could pull in one of his goals Or grabbed to join the whole team Of course, there is a high possibility that Manchester United will step up to work comparable to "Reds" Liverpool and "Blues" Manchester City, two of the leading clubs in the English Premier League at this time.
The Daily Star is a famous media in England. Has organized a system of play for Manchester United that may actually occur. And the worst for the league's top league game next season. There are two systems in which the "Red Devils" will get Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes, 2 stars, to the team. Side by side In order to drive the offensive game to the organization
At the same time, in the worst case, Manchester United's decision to sell Pogba, however, when looking at the strength of the field is actually 11, the absence of a French national team midfielder. The 2018 World Cup series may not seem as bad as many Predictable