Speaking for !? Agent "Giorgio" Jueve is a team that everyone wants to join the team.





      The midfielder of the midfielder, Chelsea's midfielder Jorge Joseho, has said that all players want to move to play for Juventus, but the Serie A champions haven't contacted Brasilia's midfield. Come in
"Zebra" vested reportedly interested in bringing the Georgina Santos Moutinho joining Cesar Mauricio's head coach Wong with smoke again. After working
together in Napoli and Chelsea The 28-year-old is considered to be a replacement for the Bosnian midfielder Mirlem Panic. That was reportedly with Barcelona
and Paris Saint-Germain
" Juventus is one of the top teams in Europe. Regardless, any player wants to play for them. I have not been contacted by (Fapio) Paraticci ( sports director ). He has not called me. Giorgio José left Chelsea for 3 years with Chelsea. He's doing well in London. " A footballer representative told on Italian radio programs.
"I have read his rumors with Juve through newspapers and the media. I would like to emphasize that Juventus is one of the top clubs."
Georginho followed Sari to join the team "Sing the Blues" in 2018, before the Italian coach returned to Serie A the following season.
Before the corona virus stopped football, the Italian national team midfielder scored 4 goals and scored 2 assists in the Premier League and scored 7 goals in all this season