Suwon Hyeon opens the slash in Incheon, Sangju Sang Moo Hye, two matches, scored against the K League.




    Suwon Samsung Blue Wings has successfully scored the first three points in this season. After opening the home to beat Incheon United 1-0, while Sangju Sangmu continued good form, defeating Gwangju FC 2-0, winning two consecutive games with more points compared to Ulsan Hyundai. But playing more than one match in the K-League South Korea 2020-21 season on May 23, 63
The 3rd Korea K-League match of the 2020-21 season on May 23, 63, with 3 pairs of matches starting at Suwon World Cup Stadium between Suwon Blue. Winks, who were hoping to win the first match against Incheon United with only two points, appeared to be Suwon who did better than winning 1-0 from the penalty shootout of Kihoon's submission in P 62. Victory is the first game to be successful.
As for the other pair at Sangju Civic Stadium, between Sangju and Sang Moo, who have a chance to win two matches in the open house, meet Gwangju FC, who lost in two games without a score, with Sangju Sangmu overcome. Went 1-0 with the goal from Sang Woo Kang in p. 6 Final at the Kangan Stadium, Gangwon FC always open home, Song Nam FC 1-1, with the home team getting the door up first, from the moment that Kim Dae Sung pierced through the hole. Mouyo Gui broke into the penalty area and threw the pole into the ball. After the rival team from Sun Hong Yung Kwon fill up to beat the penalty area, the ball tung net     อ่านต่อได้ที่