Which thing? Eto points out, the only thing Pep-Mourinho has in common.


     Samuel Etto points out, Josep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho both have a strong desire to win. But that is the only thing that both of them have in common
Former Cameroon striker Samuel Etto said that Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho, Tottenham Hotspur have 1 Same subject That
is both of them eagerly winning. Ito had played for both Guardiola and Barcelona and Mourinho during Inter Milan, which he achieved when they played
for both. Especially in the UEFA Champions League, where he won the title with Guardiola 2 times and Mourinho 1 time
"The only thing these two coaches have in common is their desire to win. They have different habits. And a different perspective on football. "
Ito gave an interview to Cassetta Dello Sports, the famous sports media of Macaroni.