Do not forget the old affiliation! "Fanike" bought a ticket to help financially support Groningen finances.



Handsome, great, charitable ... Fir Jill van Dike, a strong defender. Liverpool extended their aid to the old agency Groningen by buying a year ticket for the next 4 seasons to give away football fans.

           Fernando Gil Van Dyke Top Liverpool's Dutch center back portion of ticket purchase 4 tickets for the match in the 2020/21 season, Manning rogue agency Argan old veteran Eredivisie in Holland because they want to help the club. Have income After the league, the windmill this season is canceled halfway. Due to the crisis of the spread of the virus "Covid-19"    With the season's veterans being eliminated prematurely Causing all the clubs in the league, including Groningen, to lose a huge amount of revenue, which Van Dyke is not reluctant to give a little help to the club that helped shape him into a world class player such as today    อ่านต่อได้ที่