Canary Prentice Farke! "Wood" Harbor difficult Burnley compressed Norwich 9 people without losing 7 games in a row


Continuous form for Burnley after attacking the rest of Norwich, who left 9 people 2-0 from one of Chris Wood's beautiful scores, leading the team undefeated 7 games in a row, increasing to 54 points, passing the big guns. No. 9, following the 2-point Europa Quota, plus sending Daniel Farke's staff farewell farewell to home games. In the English Premier League football Saturday night ago
Field: Carrow Road
Daniel Farke takes the "Canary Yellow" team to the relegation level and gets The plum rankings are for sure, too. Therefore play to complete the program In which they lost every match since the recent start of the league, being 0-1 by Chelsea.
As for Sean Ditch, who led the team, Burnley showed unbeaten form for 6 consecutive matches. The latest form chased Wolfs rival 1-1 at the end of the game at home. This match, if they win, will overtake Arsenal to rank 9th as well

10 minutes passed as a military commander. "Canary Yellow Canary" which does better than dominating the ball, constantly attacking on Burnley, but still has no rhythm to finish.

In the 19th minute Norwich missed a golden chance from a corner kick on the left, threw a curve into Ben Godfrey's head and struck a save. Nick Pope swept from the top of the ball to bounce in. Alexander Tatey was repeatedly blocked by James Tarkovski.

Minutes later, Burnley responded abruptly as Jay Rodríguez collected the ball to the left before showing a groundbreaking style for Norwich to go through to create a box with the right lash out of the back.

Before the end of the 15 minutes, the visiting team had some hope of a long ball from Dwight McNeill putting deep inside the penalty area and Tim Kolese caught the ball badly, reaching Chris Wood on single-crossed Tum. Beam away As well as the offside flag first

35 minutes of the game "Canary Yellow" had to come to 10 players from the error of Emiliano Buwania outside the game, deliberately pulling the elbow to the head of the referee Ashley Westwood. Walked out to check V.A.R back to lift the red card immediately fired

The 40th minute turned into Burnley's speeding machine to put the first goal into a long ball at Chris Wood to rest the ball for Jay Rodriguez to intercept with his right, not catching Tim Tim Krul. Sweep off the back a little

2 minutes later, a dangerous free-kick on Dwight McNeill's left spun into a ricochet, the wall changed the way almost into the goal, but Tim Krul still shocked and swept away.

Unfortunate injury, at 47 minutes, the home team left 9 players, this time Joe José Dermich held a long ball before opening the button to lift the hand. Peter Peters fell to Kevin Friend, not waiting. Slowly give the red card as a gift immediately before checking the VAR confirming the decision.

From continuous strokes, Norwich lost the goal immediately as a free-kick that was thrown by a red card into the penalty area. The defender blocked the ball from the Johann Johannes Gudmundson lap deep into the far post. Chris Wood, an air bike attached to the fingertip of Tim Krul, but good enough to push the pole in