"Rashford" in the north, "De Gea" sticky! Cut the football players in the invasion of the Palace.

"Red Devils" Manchester United successfully collected three important points. After attacking to beat Crystal Palace 2-0 on Thursday night ago By a goal from Marcus Rashford and Anthony Maricilla who helped to press different people But the other person who can't speak of it is David De Gea, who has been able to save many times for this game and this is the result of each Ole Gunnar Solcha player who played in this game.
11 lineups

- David De Gea: 8
exerted a save from the start of the game. And saved again in the first half Especially the flying stroke, free kick of Luka Miliviyevic's free-kick, and in the end of the game there was a shot saved by Sakha's shot, which is another hero of the team in this match.
- Aron Wan - Bissaka : 6
with obvious fatigue Encountered many problems when fighting with Saha

- Victor Linder de Love : 6
Although it's a game that the team can collect clean sheets But it's not a very good day for Linde Love because many times it seems slow And almost lost the penalty in the rhythm with Sahaja

- Harry Maguire : 7.5
rhythm makes it a great place to get a goal from a corner kick to me several times. But at the end of the game there was a beat for Sakha, however, overall, the defensive line was excellent
-Timothy Fosu-Menzah : 7
has started beyond expectations. But overall, works can be okay May not have helped the offensive game much That is because the focus is mainly on playing defensive games.

- Scott Mormonay : 6 is
not a good day for a young, bloodless whiskey. Because it can't help break the home team's central game Before being substituted in the second half

- Paul Pogba: 6.5
Not very remarkable. Focus on helping through the ball and going up the game primarily.


- Mason Greenwood : 6.5
May be quite quiet. And have the opportunity to try one shot only But do well in taking the ball Before being removed in the second half Which looks at the physical condition is not yet full Even passing the fitness check to play this game