Who recorded? Pogba was attacked and injured during practice.


Paul Pogba, Manchester United midfielder, injured from a rehearsal in a duel with Viktor Linde de Love, but was not angry at the other party.
Paul Pogba, the key midfielder of Manchester United, the top club of the English Premier League, revealed that he was wound in practice after a duel with Viktor Linde Love, the Swedish defense.
Over the past several days, Manchester United players have been practicing hard to prepare to play in the league game with Southampton On Monday, July 13, after they are trying to rank well to get the quota of the UEFA Champions League next season, before playing with the game "Saint", they have a chance to win. 3
Pogba posted some photos of the rehearsal with Linde Love on Instagram, where he tried to escape from his teammates. But referred to as unsuccessful Also get a small wound At the lips. As for the area around the left eye, there is a little blood as well