It's time for the young swans! 5 young Klopp star players ready to push up the big set next season




Jürgen Klopp, German manager That came out openly that There is no need to throw large sums of money on reinforcements at all. Because the strength of Liverpool is currently very strong. Therefore, if the "Reds" reinforce the army just a little That means Blood point coach Aiming to push young players up to the big team next season.
After winning the Premier League, it seems that many sides want Klopp to prepare to defend the championship by leaping into the football market. In order to find new players to strengthen the team, especially after losing to Manchester City on Thursday, it looks like "The Red" needs a strong power. And has the potential to be substituted
However, Klopp is quite confident in the potential of the young players on the team at this time. And many people are given the opportunity to enter the field for the first team Whether in league games, FA Cup and Carabao Cup, so this is a sign that clearly indicates that These players have a bright future waiting.
For the "young swans" who are aiming to become the strength of the team in the 2020/2021 season, must consider whether these people are as good as Klopp trusted.