Equally good! Former Barcelona manager pointed out that only Messi can lean against Ronaldo.




Former Barcelona midfielder Oscar Garcia, who was on the same team as Ronaldo, revealed that until now only Lionel Messi is as good as Ronaldo. For example, when both run with the ball as fast as
Former Barcelona midfielder Oscar Garcia, the giant of La Liga, said that until now only Lionel Messi had the skills to play as Ronona. Legendary Brazilian star striker
Ronaldo played for Barcelona in the 1996-97 season, although he was only with the team for one season. But the person was shown the best form by scoring 47 goals in 49 matches in all competitions Along with helping the team win both the Copa del Rey, the UEFA Cup, the Winner Cup and the Spanish Super Cup before moving to Inter Milan.
Garcia, who had been with Barcelona the same set of Ronaldo, revealed, "I was lucky to see some of his goals like his own eyes in the most border conditions. I saw how fast he moved. Running after celebrating a goal with him in time is much harder than even following him. Even when celebrating the goal, he can run as fast as when he runs away from his competitors. "
"We have seen since the first practice that he is a player different from others and see that he will help us a lot. You know immediately that he is a world-class star. In the end, he was truly like that. But what impressed me the most was his humility. He treats everyone in the same direction. He always smiles and jokes. He gives himself confidence to play very quickly. "