The Salzburg manager pointed to Minamino to play in the offensive line in Liverpool.




jesse Marsh, Salzburg manager, pointed to Takumi Minamino's best match for Liverpool, playing in the same position as Roberto Firmino and saying that Minami Nomura is also happy to be with "Reds".
Jesse Marsh, Red Bull Salzburg Trainer, the highest league in Austria. Commented that Takumi Minamino, the Japanese star of Liverpool, is best suited to play in the same position as Roberto Firmino.
Liverpool decided to pay a contract fee of 7.25 million pounds (about 290 million baht) to take Minamino from Salzburg in the second-round buy-sell market of this season after the 25-year-old made a contribution. The work was outstanding in the first half of this season with the famous Austrian team. But in the past he has not been given much opportunity to play as a true player Because it is still in a period of adjustment to play in England, and now Liverpool have both Firmino, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah as the 3rd forward line. All of which have consistently performed well
Marsh said: "He will not be able to show the best potential if he has to play in the same position that Salah and Sadio play because they are accustomed to quickly transitioning from attacking. I think he will do well if playing in the same position as Roberto Firmino, such as chasing pressure when not controlling the ball. As for when having possession of the ball, he will help shape the game like those of the number 10, including scoring goals in the penalty area. "    อ่านต่อได้ที่