"Levandovski" is clear, "Zane" will help Bayern to be much stronger.


Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich's instinctive striker, confirms that if Leroy Sane moved from Manchester City in the English
Premier League, it will raise the level of Really strong for the Southern Tigers "So far, there are many issues between Leroy Sane and Bayern
Munich. But still not really close the deal, according to the rumors, which I believe everyone is also waiting for, "Levan said via the official
website. "But one thing is certain, Zane is a very talented footballer . He is still young but full of advanced skills. Can create an invasion
rhythm to harmonize with your teammates smoothly and efficiently. " " We have seen that aside from the English Premier League
this kid also plays very well on the UEFA Champions League stage, which we That is football in the Bundesliga I've known Zane since playing for
Schalke 04. " " So, if he really moved to Bayern Munich, then he would have to add more dimensions, allowing us to create many more styles. "