Stam points for Manchester United to adjust if they win the Liverpool Championship.







Former defender Yapstam Manchester United praised Bruno Fernandes, the Portuguese national team midfielder. That is an excellent addition to the "Red Devils", but it is recommended to buy quality players again if they hope to win the Premier League match against Liverpool next season.
Stam commented, "There is a lot of talk about Ole Gunnar Solcha when he took over the team. He has a great track record. From then, when he signed and lost some matches, people started not to believe this option. However, I think everyone at the club knows that The newly moved players need time to adjust to the club, the pressure and what Ole needs. "
"Now you can see players playing with the system, and pulling Fernandes with quality players into the team gives them more dimensions in creating offensive games, which makes it easier for players. Kick other people to get the ball. And go into a position that can score a goal "